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CA Platform

A platform that can be integrated with existing CCTV infrastructure to detect various activities.

TIDE Platform

A platform to train your own Machine Learning models and deploy with a business application on-premise or on cloud environment.

RAP – AI for Marine

RAP uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology, which can be used even at night or during other periods of poor visibility, to detect and range objects in the sea and even small vessels that are not equipped with AIS.

Tech for Good

Ad-hoc projects with social enterprises and/or societies. (Can be tech or non tech related, from fund raising for low income groups, to tech advisory, etc.).

we are

Singapore-based company in the AI Space

We believe that with scalable solution, we can minimise the risk of white-elephants and work with users to optimise the platform for various used case.

Our objective in all our interactions is to understand the needs and workflow of our users so as to empower them with a well-designed and user centric solution.


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